Implement A Backup Strategy Before It Is Too Late

Backup Strategy For The Home Or Business Computer

Backup Strategy For The Home Or Business A Backup Strategy is necessary as technology continues to evolve and play a more integral role in our daily lives, the amount of data we generate and store on our personal computers is increasing. This data can be anything from important work documents to cherished family photos and videos. Therefore, it is …

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Windows 10 Is Spying On You

Windows 10 Is Spying On You and Your Computer

Windows 10 Is Spying On Your Computer It is true that Windows 10 has raised privacy concerns among users as it collects (spying) a significant amount of user data, including handwriting, voice recognition, telemetry, web history, cookies, experiments, advertisements, inventory, suggestions, and more. While Microsoft has stated that “this data is collected to improve the user experience and is …

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Classic Shell – Make Windows Usable Again

Classic Shell Menu For Windows 8 -10

Classic Shell Restores Windows User Interface Classic Shell will fix the Microsoft developed Windows 8 Start screen. In Windows 8.1, the Start menu is restored; rather than following these instructions, you could upgrade your operating system. There is no built-in way to revert to the Start menu in Windows 8, but some third-party add-ons mimic its functionality. One such …

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