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Toshiba Laptop Computers (Now Dynabook #ad) – We at Toledo Computer Repair service almost all Toshiba Laptop models, including the Portege, Satellite series, and Tecra

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Toshiba Desktop Computers – We at Toledo Computer Repair service almost all Toshiba (Dynabook) Desktop models, including the DX, LX and PX All-In-One series

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Toshiba became a household name and well-known within business circles for its laptops, and in particular the Satellite, Tecra, and Portege brands. However, in 2018 the company announced a share purchase agreement had been reached with Sharp and 80.1 percent of shares were transferred to the company. In a news release last week, discovered via TechSpot, Toshiba confirmed the remaining 19.9 percent in Dynabook Inc. had also been transferred, meaning Dynabook “has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp” and Toshiba no longer has any interest in the PC business.

Toshiba laptops seemed to have disappeared from American retailers in recent years, but they’re finally coming back with a new name. From here on out Toshiba’s America computer business will be called Dynabook, and it’s going to be launching a ton of laptops.

Because Toshiba Laptops has been rebranded as Dynabooks America, the Toshiba Satellite line is technically now the Dynabook Satellite line, but the philosophy of the line is unchanged. They’re squarely aimed at those looking for an affordable laptop.


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