Top Rated Security Software Programs

Top Rated Security Programs

What Is Security Software?

Security Software is a general phrase used to describe any application that provides security for a computer or network.  There are many types of security programs including antivirus software, encryption software, firewall software and spyware removal software.

Additionally, many operating systems also come preloaded with security applications and tools.  The two most common types of software used for personal computer security are antivirus software (virus protection) and anti-spyware applications (spyware removal software).

Security applications can refer to virus protection software, as well as software to remove unwanted adware and spyware.  Although in the past these were typically marketed and sold as separate software programs, today’s applications usually protect against both viruses and adware/spyware.

Security programs usually includes a real-time protection feature that attempts to stop potentially harmful programs before they infect your computer, and also scans your computer for such threats.  The programs requires regular updating to remain effective against new malicious applications.

Why Do You Need Security Applications?

When you’re connected to the Internet you are in fact connected to a network with many (hundreds of millions) of other users. Unfortunately, when something as big as this is shared, it’s wide open to abuse.  On the Internet this abuse comes from hackers and virus creators, whose intent is to cause harm to your computer and millions of other computer systems all over the world.

How do you protect your computer system, keep your private information private, and your computer safe from hackers?  You need Security Applications.  Just remember the old adage, “It is better to be safe than sorry”.

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