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Computer Software Installed Correctly

Installing computer software….how hard can that be you ask?  Well to install software correctly, can be difficult for some users.

How to install a software program can depend on the operating system being used, and the program being installed.  You also have to take into consideration that installing computer software based on the software companies defaults, can leave you with a lot of unwanted features.

These “features” can include changing your search engine choice, changing your home page, installing third party applications that are unsafe, or at least unwanted.

These “PUPS” (Potentially Unwanted Programs) may also change your file associations so that your mp3 now opens with a media player other than the software program you are used to using.

So yes…there is more to computer software installation than just tossing in the install disc and having it run.

When we at Toledo Computer Repair install computer software we ALWAYS do a custom install so as to limit the chance of any conflicts down the road.  We also make sure that the computer software we install is the latest version, with all of the updates downloaded and installed.

Yes we hate unwanted applications too, not only do they eat up hard disc space, but they also can bog down your PC by running in the background.

So the next time you need computer software installed, give us a call and make sure that your computer program is installed correctly.

Computer Software Installation Tips:

  • If you wish to attempt to install the computer software on your own, we have created the steps below as a guideline for installing programs in Microsoft Windows®.
  • Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements of the program, game, or utility you are attempting to install.
  • The manuals for the program or the readme file are usually located in the same directory (folder) as the install files, and commonly contain exact instructions on how to install the program.
  • After installing or during the installation, a program may need to install other programs, files, or utilities before it is able to run.  If this is the case, the program will commonly prompt you to install the program or you may need to run a separate install before the program can be fully used.
  • When installing a program, utility, or game, it is always a good idea first to close or disable any other programs that are running…especially antivirus or security programs.
  • After installing a new program if it prompts you to reboot the computer, do it…now…not later.

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Disclaimer:  Please note that we are not responsible for data loss due to and including, but not limited to viruses, malware, spyware, hardware failure, data corruption, etc.

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