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Computer Brands We Service - Toledo Computer Repair

Some Of The Computer Brands That We Service

While the above list shows the “major computer brands” that we service, basically we service any computer brand…as long as it is not an Apple or Mac (#ad).  No offense, it is just a business decision, Apple and Mac just have too small of market share to make servicing them commercially viable.  Not to mention that the time needed to stay abreast of the rapidly changing PC environment, is quite honestly, just about all that we can handle.

Most Computer Brands Use The Same Components

What many people do not realize about MOST computer brands, is the fact that when you open the case, no matter who the manufacturer is, they basically use all the same parts.  There are just a limited amount of manufacturers of hard drives, memory, optical drives, etc.  This said, if you open up a HP computer or a Dell Computer (#ad), 90% of the parts are all from the same manufacturers.  The difference in the computers is for the most sake the outward appearance, and to a lesser extent the support from the manufacturer.

Custom Built Computer Brands

Over the years there have been many small businesses, aka “Mom and Pop” computer stores that have built “custom” computers for their clients, and don’t take this the wrong way, these were usually fine computers, using the same parts as the “Big Boys” in the PC business!  Alas though times have changed, and the smaller businesses just could not compete with the “Big Box” stores, and sadly many of those business have gone under.

Never fear though, we can service those computers too, after all as stated before, the parts under the hood so to speak, are all basically the same.

Have a question about your computer brand?  Feel free to call us for more information, after 30 years we have seen literally hundreds of brands!

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