HP Laptops That We Service

HP Laptops That We Service

HP Laptops We Service At Toledo Computer Repair

While the list of HP Laptops (Hewlett-Packard) listed below seems large, it is by no means an exhaustive list. The list below is comprised of some of the more popular Hewlett-Packard models that we have seen over the years. If you do not see your HP Laptop (#ad) model on this list, don’t fret, just give us a call with your model number. More than likely we can take care of your needs too.


HP Laptops – EliteBook Series

1st Generation


2nd Generation


3rd Generation


4th Genration


5th Generation

EliteBook 720 G1
EliteBook 740 G1
EliteBook 750 G1
EliteBook 725 G2
EliteBook 745 G2
EliteBook 755 G2
EliteBook 820 G1
EliteBook 840 G1
EliteBook 850 G1
EliteBook Folio 1040 G1
EliteBook Folio 9480m

6th Generation

EliteBook 720 G2
EliteBook 740 G2
EliteBook 750 G2
EliteBook Revolve 810 G3
EliteBook 820 G2
EliteBook 840 G2
EliteBook 850 G2
EliteBook Folio 1020 G1
EliteBook Folio 1040 G2

7th Generation

EliteBook 725 G3
EliteBook 745 G3
EliteBook 755 G3
EliteBook 820 G3
EliteBook 840 G3
EliteBook 850 G3
EliteBook Folio G1
EliteBook 1030 G1
EliteBook 1040 G3

8th Generation

EliteBook 725 G4
EliteBook 745 G4
EliteBook 755 G4
EliteBook 820 G4
EliteBook 840 G4
EliteBook 850 G4
EliteBook 840 G4
EliteBook x360 1020 G2
EliteBook x360 1030 G2
EliteBook 1040 G4
Elite x2 1012 G2

9th Generation

EliteBook 735
EliteBook 745
EliteBook 755
EliteBook x360 830
EliteBook 830
EliteBook 840
EliteBook 850
EliteBook x360 1030
EliteBook x360 1040
EliteBook 1050

10th Generation

EliteBook 735 G6
EliteBook 745 G6
EliteBook x360 830 G6
EliteBook 830 G6
EliteBook 840 G6
EliteBook 850 G6
EliteBook x360 1030 G4
EliteBook x360 1040 G6

11th Generation

EliteBook x360 830 G7
EliteBook 830 G7
EliteBook 840 G7
EliteBook 850 G7
EliteBook 835 G7
EliteBook 845 G7
EliteBook 855 G7
EliteBook x360 1030 G7
EliteBook x360 1040 G7

12th Generation

EliteBook x360 830 G8
EliteBook 830 G8
EliteBook 840 Aero G8
EliteBook 840 G8
EliteBook 850 G8
EliteBook 835 G8
EliteBook 845 G8
EliteBook 855 G8
EliteBook x360 1030 G8
EliteBook x360 1040 G8

HP Pavilion Series

HP Pavilion dv2z
HP Pavilion dv4
HP Pavilion dv5
HP Pavilion dv7
HP Pavilion dv1000 series
HP Pavilion dv2000 series
HP Pavilion dv6000 series
HP Pavilion dv9000 series

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HP Laptops – ProBook Series

ProBook 4310s
ProBook 4311s
ProBook 4410s
ProBook 4411s
ProBook 4510s
ProBook 4710s
ProBook 4415s
ProBook 4416s
ProBook 4515s
ProBook 4320s
ProBook 4321s
ProBook 4420s
ProBook 4421s
ProBook 4520s
ProBook 4720s
ProBook 4325s
ProBook 4326s
ProBook 4425s
ProBook 4525s
ProBook 4230s
ProBook 4330s
ProBook 4331s
ProBook 4430s
ProBook 4431s
ProBook 4520s
ProBook 4530s
ProBook 4730s
ProBook 4435s
ProBook 4436s
ProBook 4535s
ProBook 4340s
ProBook 4341s
ProBook 4440s
ProBook 4441s
ProBook 4540s
ProBook 4740s
ProBook 4445s
ProBook 4446s
ProBook 4545s
ProBook 6440b
ProBook 6540b
ProBook 6445b
ProBook 6545b
ProBook 6450b
ProBook 6550b
ProBook 6455b
ProBook 6555b
ProBook 6360b
ProBook 6460b
ProBook 6560b
ProBook 6465b
ProBook 6565b
ProBook 6470b
ProBook 6570b
ProBook 6475b
ProBook 5310m
ProBook 5220m
ProBook 5320m
ProBook 5330m
ProBook 440 G0
ProBook 450 G0
ProBook 470 G0
ProBook 430 G1
ProBook 440 G1
ProBook 450 G1
ProBook 470 G1
ProBook 445 G1
ProBook 455 G1
ProBook 640 G1
ProBook 640 G1
ProBook 650 G1
ProBook 645 G1
ProBook 655 G1
Pro x2 410 G1
Pro x2 612 G1
ProBook 430 G2
ProBook 440 G2
ProBook 450 G2
ProBook 470 G2
ProBook 445 G2
ProBook 455 G2
ProBook 640 G2
ProBook 650 G2
ProBook 645 G2
ProBook 655 G2
Pro x2 410 G2
Pro x2 612 G2
ProBook 430 G3
ProBook 440 G3
ProBook 446 G3
ProBook 450 G3
ProBook 470 G3
ProBook 455 G3
ProBook 640 G3
ProBook 650 G3
ProBook 645 G3
ProBook 655 G3
ProBook 430 G4
ProBook 440 G4
ProBook 450 G4
ProBook 470 G4
ProBook 455 G4
ProBook 640 G4
ProBook 650 G4
ProBook 645 G4
ProBook 430 G5
ProBook 440 G5
ProBook x360 440 G1
ProBook 450 G5
ProBook 470 G5
ProBook 455 G5
ProBook 640 G5
ProBook 650 G5
ProBook 430 G6
ProBook 440 G6
ProBook 450 G6
ProBook 445 G6
ProBook 445R G6
ProBook 455R G6
ProBook 430 G7
ProBook 440 G7
ProBook 450 G7
ProBook 445 G7
ProBook 455 G7
ProBook 430 G8
ProBook 440 G8
ProBook 450 G8
ProBook x360 435 G8
ProBook 445 G8
ProBook 455 G8
ProBook x360 435 G8
ProBook 630 G8
ProBook 640 G8
ProBook 650 G8
ProBook 635 Aero G7

HP Envy Series

Envy x2
Envy 13
Envy 14
Envy x360
Envy 15
Envy 17
Envy Dv5
Envy Dv6
Envy Dv7

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Computer History

HP was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939. Their first product was an audio oscillator and one of their first customers Walt Disney. (#ad)

Disney used the oscillator to test audio equipment in the 12 specially equipped theaters showing Fantasia in 1940.

HP entered the computer market with the HP 2116A in 1966. It was designed to control HP’s large product line of test and measurement equipment.

In 2002, HP acquired Compaq (and thus the merged remains of DEC, Tandem, and a few other firms.

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