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Fujitsu Laptops We Service At Toledo Computer Repair

While the list of Fujitsu Laptops listed below seems large, it is by no means an exhaustive list. The list below is comprised of some of the more popular Fujitsu models that we have seen over the years.  If you do not see your Fujitsu Laptops (#ad) model on this list, don’t fret, just give us a call with your model number.  More than likely we can take care of your needs too.

We service Fujitsu Desktops too.


Futitsu Laptops – Lifebook Series

Lifebook A3511
Lifebook A3510
Lifebook AH530
Lifebook AH531
Lifebook AH532/A532
Lifebook AH550
Lifebook AH551
Lifebook AH56/G
Lifebook BH531
Lifebook E5411
Lifebook E5511
Lifebook E5410
Lifebook E5510
Lifebook E751
Lifebook LH520
Lifebook LH531

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Fujitsu Laptops – Lifebook Series

Lifebook MH30/G
Lifebook MH330
Lifebook NH532/N532
Lifebook NH751
Lifebook SH530
Lifebook T730
Lifebook P770
Lifebook P771
Lifebook PH520
Lifebook UH900
Lifebook U7311
Lifebook U7411
Lifebook U7511
Lifebook U7310
Lifebook U7410
Lifebook U7510


Fujitsu is the leading Japanese global information and communication technology company, offering a wide range of technology products, solutions and services. We build new possibilities by connecting people, technology and ideas, creating a more sustainable world where anyone can advance their dreams.

Since it was founded back in 1935, Fujitsu (#ad) has been innovating information and communication technologies (ICT) the world over. A long line of landmark achievements and product milestones have made Fujitsu what it is today – a leading company in the ICT industry.

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