Acer Desktops That We Service

Acer Desktop Computers We Service

Acer Desktops We Service At Toledo Computer Repair

While the list of Acer Desktops listed below seems large, it is by no means an exhaustive list. The list below is comprised of some of the more popular Acer models that we have seen over the years.  If you do not see your Acer Desktop model on this list, don’t fret, just give us a call with your model number.  More than likely we can take care of your needs too.

We service Acer Laptops too.


Acer Dekstops – AcerPower Series

AcerPower 1000
AcerPower 2000
AcerPower F1
AcerPower F2
AcerPower F3
AcerPower F5
AcerPower F6
AcerPower FE
AcerPower FG
AcerPower FH
AcerPower FV
AcerPower M8
AcerPower S220
AcerPower S260
AcerPower S280
AcerPower S285
AcerPower S290
AcerPower Sc
AcerPower Sd
AcerPower SK20
AcerPower SK30
AcerPower SK50
AcerPower SP
AcerPower ST
AcerPower SV
AcerPower Sx

Acer Desktops – EasyStore Series

easyStore H340
easyStore H341
easyStore H342

Acer Desktops – Extensa Series

Extensa M2610

Acer Desktops – Predator Series

Predator G3100
Predator G3120
Predator G3600
Predator G3610
Predator G3620
Predator G5900
Predator G5910
Predator G5920
Predator G7760

Acer Desktops – Veriton Series

Veriton 1000
Veriton 2800
Veriton 3200
Veriton 3500G
Veriton 3600G
Veriton 3600GT
Veriton 3700G
Veriton 3700GX
Veriton 3900Pro
Veriton 5100
Veriton 5500
Veriton 5500G
Veriton 5600G
Veriton 5600GT
Veriton 5700G
Veriton 5700GX
Veriton 5800
Veriton 5900Pro
Veriton 6800
Veriton 6900Pro
Veriton 7100
Veriton 7500
Veriton 7500G
Veriton 7600G
Veriton 7600GT
Veriton 7700G
Veriton 7700GX
Veriton 7800
Veriton 7900Pro
Veriton B430_44
Veriton B430_52
Veriton B630_39
Veriton B630_49
Veriton B630_58
Veriton B830_38
Veriton B830_48
Veriton B830_57
Veriton C630
Veriton C650_59
Veriton D430_17
Veriton D430_45
Veriton D430_53
Veriton D430_N53
Veriton D461
Veriton D630_36
Veriton D630_47
Veriton D630_N47
Veriton D730_27
Veriton D730_54
Veriton D730_N54
Veriton D830
Veriton E430
Veriton E430_17
Veriton E430_45
Veriton E430_N53
Veriton E430G
Veriton L410
Veriton L410G
Veriton L460
Veriton L460G
Veriton L4610
Veriton L4610G
Veriton L4618G
Veriton L4620G
Veriton L4630G
Veriton L480G
Veriton L6610G
Veriton L6620G
Veriton L6630G
Veriton L670G
Veriton M2110
Veriton M2110G
Veriton M2120G
Veriton M258
Veriton M261
Veriton M2610
Veriton M2610G
Veriton M2611
Veriton M2611G
Veriton M2630
Veriton M2630G
Veriton M2631
Veriton M2631G
Veriton M2632G
Veriton M264
Veriton M265
Veriton M275
Veriton M280
Veriton M288
Veriton M290
Veriton M410
Veriton M420
Veriton M421G
Veriton M430
Veriton M460
Veriton M460G
Veriton M4610
Veriton M4610G
Veriton M4618G
Veriton M4620
Veriton M4620G
Veriton M4630
Veriton M4630G
Veriton M480G
Veriton M490G
Veriton M498G
Veriton M661
Veriton M6610G
Veriton M6618G
Veriton M6620G
Veriton M6630G
Veriton M670
Veriton M670G
Veriton M678G
Veriton M680G
Veriton M688G
Veriton N2010G
Veriton N2110G
Veriton N2120G
Veriton N260G
Veriton N2620G
Veriton N280G
Veriton N281G
Veriton N282G
Veriton N4620G
Veriton N4630G
Veriton N6630G
Veriton S2610G
Veriton S2611G
Veriton S460
Veriton S461
Veriton S4610
Veriton S4610G
Veriton S4620G
Veriton S4630G
Veriton S480G
Veriton S661
Veriton S6610G
Veriton S6620G
Veriton S6630G
Veriton S670
Veriton T430_17
Veriton T430_45
Veriton T430_53
Veriton T630_36
Veriton T630_47
Veriton T661
Veriton T661 (Q45-DDR3)
Veriton T830_35
Veriton T830_46
Veriton X2110
Veriton X2120G
Veriton X2610
Veriton X2610G
Veriton X2611
Veriton X2611G
Veriton X2630
Veriton X2630G
Veriton X2631
Veriton X2631G
Veriton X2632G
Veriton X270
Veriton X275
Veriton X4610
Veriton X4610G
Veriton X4618G
Veriton X4620
Veriton X4620G
Veriton X4630G
Veriton X480
Veriton X480G
Veriton X488G
Veriton X490
Veriton X498G
Veriton X6610G
Veriton X6620G
Veriton X6630G
Veriton X680G

Acer Desktops – Veriton All In One Series

Veriton A420_56
Veriton A430_31
Veriton A430_51
Veriton A450_56
Veriton Z2610G
Veriton Z2611G
Veriton Z2620G
Veriton Z2621G
Veriton Z2630G
Veriton Z2640G
Veriton Z2650G
Veriton Z2660G
Veriton Z280G
Veriton Z290G
Veriton Z291G
Veriton Z410G
Veriton Z430
Veriton Z431G
Veriton Z4610G
Veriton Z4611G
Veriton Z4620G
Veriton Z4621G
Veriton Z4630G
Veriton Z4631G
Veriton Z4810G
Veriton Z6610G
Veriton Z6611G

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Acer Desktops – Aspire Series

Aspire 1100X
Aspire 1110X
Aspire 1600X
Aspire 1601M
Aspire 1601X
Aspire 1602M
Aspire 6100
Aspire 6400
Aspire 6600
Aspire C500
Aspire E360
Aspire E380
Aspire E500
Aspire E560
Aspire E571
Aspire E600
Aspire E650
Aspire E700
Aspire EL
Aspire ELD
Aspire G3-605
Aspire G7700
Aspire G7710
Aspire G7750
Aspire IDea500
Aspire IDea510
Aspire L100
Aspire L310
Aspire L320
Aspire L350
Aspire L3600
Aspire L5100
Aspire M1100
Aspire M1200
Aspire M1201
Aspire M1202
Aspire M1420
Aspire M1470
Aspire M1600
Aspire M1610
Aspire M1620
Aspire M1640
Aspire M1831
Aspire M1860
Aspire M1920
Aspire M1930
Aspire M1935
Aspire M3100
Aspire M3160
Aspire M3200
Aspire M3201
Aspire M3202
Aspire M3203
Aspire M3300
Aspire M3400
Aspire M3410
Aspire M3420
Aspire M3450
Aspire M3470
Aspire M3470G
Aspire M3600
Aspire M3640
Aspire M3660
Aspire M3710
Aspire M3800
Aspire M3802
Aspire M3860
Aspire M3900
Aspire M3910
Aspire M3920
Aspire M3970
Aspire M3970G
Aspire M3985
Aspire M5100
Aspire M5200
Aspire M5201
Aspire M5400
Aspire M5600
Aspire M5620
Aspire M5621
Aspire M5630
Aspire M5640
Aspire M5641
Aspire M5700
Aspire M5800
Aspire M5802
Aspire M5810
Aspire M5811
Aspire M5910
Aspire M7720
Aspire MC605
Aspire ME600
Aspire R1600
Aspire R3600
Aspire R3610
Aspire R3700
Aspire SA10
Aspire SA20
Aspire SA60
Aspire SA80
Aspire SA85
Aspire SA90
Aspire T100
Aspire T135
Aspire T136
Aspire T160
Aspire T180
Aspire T300
Aspire T3-100
Aspire T320
Aspire T3-600
Aspire T3-605
Aspire T600
Aspire T630
Aspire T650
Aspire T660
Aspire T670
Aspire T671
Aspire T680
Aspire T690
Aspire TC-100
Aspire TC-102
Aspire TC-105
Aspire TC-115
Aspire TC-120
Aspire TC-215
Aspire TC-220
Aspire TC-600
Aspire TC-601
Aspire TC-602
Aspire TC-603
Aspire TC-605
Aspire TC-606
Aspire TC-703
Aspire TC-705
Aspire X1200
Aspire X1300
Aspire X1301
Aspire X1400
Aspire X1420
Aspire X1420G
Aspire X1430
Aspire X1430G
Aspire X1440
Aspire X1470
Aspire X1700
Aspire X1800
Aspire X1900
Aspire X1920
Aspire X1930
Aspire X1935
Aspire X3-100
Aspire X3200
Aspire X3300
Aspire X3400
Aspire X3400G
Aspire X3450
Aspire X3470
Aspire X3475
Aspire X3-600
Aspire X3810
Aspire X3812
Aspire X3910
Aspire X3950
Aspire X3960
Aspire X3990
Aspire X3995
Aspire X5810
Aspire XC100
Aspire XC-105
Aspire XC-115
Aspire XC-215
Aspire XC600
Aspire XC-602
Aspire XC-603
Aspire XC-603G
Aspire XC-605
Aspire XC-605G
Aspire XC-703
Aspire XC-705

Acer Desktops – Aspire All In One Series

Aspire 5600U
Aspire 7600U
Aspire A3-600
Aspire U5-610
Aspire U5-620
Aspire Z1100
Aspire Z1110
Aspire Z1220
Aspire Z1-601
Aspire Z1-611
Aspire Z1620
Aspire Z1-621
Aspire Z1-621G
Aspire Z1650
Aspire Z1800
Aspire Z1801
Aspire Z1810
Aspire Z1811
Aspire Z1850
Aspire Z3100
Aspire Z3101
Aspire Z3-105
Aspire Z3-115
Aspire Z3170
Aspire Z3171
Aspire Z3280
Aspire Z3-600
Aspire Z3-601
Aspire Z3-605
Aspire Z3-610
Aspire Z3-613
Aspire Z3-615
Aspire Z3620
Aspire Z3730
Aspire Z3731
Aspire Z3760
Aspire Z3761
Aspire Z3770
Aspire Z3771
Aspire Z3800
Aspire Z3801
Aspire Z5101
Aspire Z5600
Aspire Z5610
Aspire Z5700
Aspire Z5710
Aspire Z5730
Aspire Z5751
Aspire Z5760
Aspire Z5761
Aspire Z5770
Aspire Z5771
Aspire Z5801
Aspire ZC-102
Aspire ZC-105
Aspire ZC-106
Aspire ZC-107
Aspire ZC-602
Aspire ZC-605
Aspire ZC-606
Aspire ZC-610
Aspire ZS600
Aspire ZS600G


Acer Inc. was founded by Stan Shih, his wife Carolyn Yeh, and a group of five others as Multitech International in 1976. Acer is headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. It began with eleven employees and $25, 000 in capital. Initially, it was primarily a distributor of electronic parts and consultant to microprocessor technologies, but overtime it emerged as a PC manufacturer. In 1997 Acer began its incursion into laptops with the purchase of Texas Instruments mobile PC division. Acer has an impressive timeline starting from it conception in 1976. (Acer, 2010)

In 1976 to 1986 Multitech begins with the commercialization of microprocessor technology. At this time Multitech establishes manufacturing operations, and plays a significant role in commercialization of the use of computers in Taiwan. (Acer, 2010) According to Honi, Tarng, & Chu the products functional differentiation was an important basis for competition. Acer in order to handle various costumer needs became vertically integrated. This structure allowed Multitech to achieve coordination between the steps in the value chain by making purchasing choices administratively. (Honi, Tarng, & Chu, 2000)

As IBM compatible computers become the dominant design which forced the new PC industry to change the competitiveness criteria. This change forced the PC industry to undergo a structural change from vertical integration to vertical disintegration. (Honi, Tarng, & Chu, 2000) In such specialization environment, companies coordinate with other through external transactions. (Honi, Tarng, & Chu, 2000) PC technology changes rapidly making the PC product life cycle shorter.

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