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Dell Desktops We Service At Toledo Computer Repair

While the list of Dell Desktops listed below seems large, it is by no means an exhaustive list. The list below is comprised of some of the more popular Dell models that we have seen over the years.  If you do not see your Dell Desktop (#ad) model on this list, don’t fret, just give us a call with your model number.  More than likely we can take care of your needs too.

We service Dell Laptops too.


Dell Desktops – Alienware Series

Alienware Alpha
Alienware Area 51
Alienware Area 51 R2
Alienware Area-51 ALX
Alienware Aurora
Alienware Aurora ALX
Alienware Aurora R2
Alienware Aurora R3
Alienware Aurora R4
Alienware X51
Alienware X51 R2

Dell Desktops – Dimension Series

Dimension 1000
Dimension 1100/B110
Dimension 2010
Dimension 2100
Dimension 2200
Dimension 2300
Dimension 2300C
Dimension 2350
Dimension 2400
Dimension 2400C
Dimension 3000
Dimension 3100/E310
Dimension 3100C
Dimension 4 DL
Dimension 4 DM
Dimension 4 DMT
Dimension 4100
Dimension 4200
Dimension 4300
Dimension 4300S
Dimension 4400
Dimension 4500
Dimension 4500C
Dimension 4500S
Dimension 4550
Dimension 4590T
Dimension 4600
Dimension 4600C
Dimension 4700
Dimension 4700C
Dimension 5000
Dimension 5100
Dimension 5100C
Dimension 5150C
Dimension 5150/E510
Dimension 8100
Dimension 8200
Dimension 8250
Dimension 8300
Dimension 8300N
Dimension 8400
Dimension 900
Dimension 9100
Dimension 9150/XPS 400
Dimension 9200
Dimension 9200c
Dimension C
Dimension C521
Dimension E520
Dimension E521
Dimension JC
Dimension LC
Dimension LCX
Dimension LCXE
Dimension LR
Dimension MA / PA
Dimension PT MDT
Dimension PT MT
Dimension PV MDT
Dimension PV MT
Dimension P75,90 MDT
Dimension P75,90 MT
Dimension V / VC
Dimension XPS FS
Dimension XPS 4100V / 66V MT
Dimension XPS 50 / 66 MDT
Dimension XPS 66 / 100 MDT II
Dimension XPS BR
Dimension XPS D
Dimension XPS H
Dimension XPS MS
Dimension XPS PC MDT
Dimension XPS PC MT
Dimension XPS PS MDT
Dimension XPS PS MT
Dimension XPS P60 FS
Dimension XPS P60 M
Dimension XPS P60 MT
Dimension XPS P75,90,100 MDT
Dimension XPS P75,90,100 MT
Dimension XPS Pro MT
Dimension XPS Pro N MDT
Dimension XPS Pro N MT
Dimension XPS R
Dimension XPS T

Dell Desktops – Inspiron Series

Inspiron 20 (3043)
Inspiron 20 (3045)
Inspiron 20 (3048)
Inspiron 23 (2350)
Inspiron 23 (5348)
Inspiron 518
Inspiron 519
Inspiron 530
Inspiron 530s
Inspiron 531
Inspiron 531s
Inspiron 535
Inspiron 535s
Inspiron 537
Inspiron 537s
Inspiron 545
Inspiron 545s
Inspiron 546
Inspiron 546s
Inspiron 560
Inspiron 560s
Inspiron 570
Inspiron 580
Inspiron 580s
Inspiron 620
Inspiron 620s
Inspiron 660
Inspiron 660s
Inspiron Desktop (3847)
Inspiron One 19
Inspiron One 19 Touch
Inspiron One 2020
Inspiron One 2205
Inspiron One 2305
Inspiron One 2310
Inspiron One 2320
Inspiron One 2330
Inspiron Desktop (3646)
Inspiron Desktop (3647)
Inspiron Zino (300)
Inspiron Zino HD (400)
Inspiron Zino HD (410)

Dell Desktops – Optiplex Series

OptiPlex 160
OptiPlex 160L
OptiPlex 170L
OptiPlex 210L
OptiPlex 210LN
OptiPlex 3010
OptiPlex 3011 All In One
OptiPlex 3020
OptiPlex 3020M
OptiPlex 3030 All In One
OptiPlex 320
OptiPlex 330
OptiPlex 360
OptiPlex 380
OptiPlex 390
OptiPlex 486 L
OptiPlex 486 LE
OptiPlex 486 MTE
OptiPlex 486 MX
OptiPlex 486 MXE
OptiPlex 560L
OptiPlex 580
OptiPlex 7010
OptiPlex 7020
OptiPlex 740
OptiPlex 745
OptiPlex 745c
OptiPlex 755
OptiPlex 760
OptiPlex 780
OptiPlex 790
OptiPlex 9010
OptiPlex 9010 All In One
OptiPlex 9020
OptiPlex 9020 All In One
OptiPlex 9020M

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Dell Desktops – Optiplex Series (Continued)

OptiPlex 9030 All In One
OptiPlex 960
OptiPlex 980
OptiPlex 990
OptiPlex DGX
OptiPlex E1
OptiPlex FX130
OptiPlex FX160
OptiPlex FX170
OptiPlex G1
OptiPlex GC
OptiPlex GL Plus
OptiPlex GM Plus
OptiPlex GMT Plus
OptiPlex GN Plus
OptiPlex GS
OptiPlex GS Plus
OptiPlex GX1
OptiPlex GX100
OptiPlex GX110
OptiPlex GX115
OptiPlex GX150
OptiPlex GX1p
OptiPlex GX200
OptiPlex GX240
OptiPlex GX260
OptiPlex GX260n
OptiPlex GX270
OptiPlex GX270n
OptiPlex GX280
OptiPlex GX300
OptiPlex GX400
OptiPlex GX50
OptiPlex GX520
OptiPlex GX60
OptiPlex GX60n
OptiPlex GX620
OptiPlex GXA
OptiPlex Gxi
OptiPlex GXL
OptiPlex GXM
OptiPlex GXMT
OptiPlex GXPRO
OptiPlex HUB
OptiPlex L60
OptiPlex N
OptiPlex NX
OptiPlex NX1
OptiPlex SX260
OptiPlex SX270
OptiPlex SX270N
OptiPlex SX280
OptiPlex XE
OptiPlex XE2
OptiPlex XL5
OptiPlex XM5
OptiPlex XMT5

Dell Desktops – Precision Series

Precision 210
Precision 220
Precision 330
Precision 340
Precision 350
Precision 360
Precision 370
Precision 380
Precision 390
Precision 400
Precision 410
Precision 420
Precision 450
Precision 470
Precision 490
Precision 530
Precision 610
Precision 620
Precision 650
Precision 670
Precision 690
Precision R5400
Precision R5500
Precision R7610
Precision T1500
Precision T1600
Precision T1650
Precision T1700
Precision T3400
Precision T3500
Precision T3600
Precision T3610
Precision T5400
Precision T5500
Precision T5600
Precision T5610
Precision T7400
Precision T7500
Precision T7600
Precision T7610

Dell Desktops – XPS Series

XPS 18 (1810)
XPS 18 (1820)
XPS 200
XPS 210
XPS 400/Dimension 9150
XPS 410
XPS 420
XPS 430
XPS 600
XPS 625
XPS 630i
XPS 700
XPS 710
XPS 710 H2C
XPS 720
XPS 720 H2C
XPS 730
XPS 730 H2C
XPS 730x
XPS 730x H2C
XPS 8300
XPS 8500
XPS 8700
XPS One 20
XPS One 24
XPS One 2710
XPS One 2720
XPS/Dimension XPS
XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 2
XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 3
XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 4
XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 5

Dell Desktops – Studio Series

Studio Desktop D540
Studio Hybrid D140G
Studio One 19 (1909)
Studio Slim D540S
Studio XPS 435 MT
Studio XPS 435T / 9000
Studio XPS 7100
Studio XPS 8000
Studio XPS 8100
Studio XPS 9100

Dell Desktops – Vostro Series

Vostro 20 (3015)
Vostro 200
Vostro 220
Vostro 220s
Vostro 23 (3340)
Vostro 230
Vostro 230s
Vostro 260
Vostro 260g
Vostro 260s
Vostro 270
Vostro 270g
Vostro 270s
Vostro 320
Vostro 330
Vostro 360
Vostro 3800 Slim Tower
Vostro 3900 Mini Tower
Vostro 3900G Mini Tower
Vostro 3901 Mini Tower
Vostro 3902 Mini Tower
Vostro 400
Vostro 410
Vostro 420
Vostro 430
Vostro 460
Vostro 470
Vostro A100
Vostro A180


Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide.

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