Windows 11 Fixes For Four Common Problems After Updates

Windows 11 Bugs and Annoyances

Windows 11 has been plagued by various bugs and issues since its launch in 2021. Here are four major problems that users have faced recently, along with solutions to address them: Bluetooth instability after a forced update: Problem: Windows 11 force restart for an update can cause Bluetooth functionality to disappear. Solution: Disable Fast Startup and restart your computer. …

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DoNotSpy11 – A MUST For Windows 11 Privacy

DoNotSpy11 - A MUST For Windows 11 Privacy

Windows 11 Spying Stopped By DoNotSpy11 In today’s digital age, nearly everything is connected to the internet, resulting in a significant amount of data being transmitted between client PCs, servers, and other locations. Microsoft’s Windows operating system is no exception. A report from February revealed the extent of data transmission, both good and bad, by Windows 11 compared to …

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