Windows 11 Sucks – 9 Reasons Why

Windows 11 Sucks - 9 Reasons Why

Windows 11 Sucks – Even More Than Windows 10

Windows 11 Sucks, yes even more so than Windows 10 which I did not think was even possible. Microsoft stopped creating the Windows OS with Windows 7. Now Windows is just a platform to target you with more ads, privacy threats, and annoying features not necessary or even wanted. Think of a operating system designed by Fisher Price Toys (#ad) for 12 year olds….that is Windows 11 in a nutshell. Below are JUST 9 reasons Windows 11 Sucks. I could go on ad-nauseam…see the video at the end of this article for another perspective.

  1. Hardware requirements: Windows 11 requires newer hardware specifications than previous versions of Windows, which means some older computers are not compatible with the new operating system.
  2. Limited app selection: Windows 11 S mode, a stripped-down version of the operating system, only allows users to download and install apps from the Microsoft Store. This can limit the range of apps available to users.
  3. Bloatware: Windows 11 comes pre-installed with many apps that users may not want or need. These apps can take up valuable storage space and slow down the computer.
  4. Privacy concerns: Windows 11 has been criticized for its data collection policies. Some users are concerned about the amount of data Microsoft collects and how that data is used.
  5. Forced updates: Windows 11 automatically installs updates, which can be inconvenient for users who want to control when and how updates are installed.
  6. Inconsistent design: Windows 11 has a new design that some users find confusing or inconsistent. The design changes can also be jarring for users who are used to older versions of Windows.
  7. Limited customization: Windows 11 limits users’ ability to customize the operating system. This can be frustrating for users who like to personalize their computer.
  8. Compatibility issues: Some older software and hardware may not be compatible with Windows 11, which can cause problems for users who need to use older programs or devices.
  9. Unnecessary changes: Some users feel that Windows 11 doesn’t offer enough new features to justify the changes made to the operating system. They may feel that the new design and other changes are unnecessary or simply a way for Microsoft to sell a new version of Windows.

Windows 11 Sucks YouTube Video

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