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Business Software – What Is It?

Well the definition for Business Software (#ad) is so broad that it is difficult to really define, so here are a few definitions that we found scouring the web.  To be honest though, programs for business is lets face it, any software that helps you manage and or grow your business be it small or large.

A business application program is software or set of computer programs that are used by business users to perform various business functions.  These business applications are used to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately.

Some business applications are interactive, i.e., they have a graphical user interface or user interface and user can query/modify/input data and view results instantaneously.  They can also run reports instantaneously.  Some business applications run in batch mode i.e. they are set up to run based on a predetermined event/time and business user does not need to initiate them or monitor them.

Some business applications are built in-house and some are bought from vendors (off the shelf software products).  These business applications either are installed on desktops or on big servers.

Definition – What does Business Application Software mean?

Business application are application that are used for business purposes.  The term is often used more specifically for software that helps a business to accomplish specific goals through the applied principles that the software supports.

Examples of applied principles for business applications include decision support software (DSS), where technology aids in human decision making, and customer relationship management (CRM), where software helps a business to compile and maintain detailed profiles of customers or clients, along with other kinds of enhanced record-keeping.

Business applications such as DSS or CRM will often apply common principles such as sales force support, transaction automation, algorithmic data mining for sales, or any of many other design objectives.  Other business software will focus on supply chains or other practical forms of resource management.

We bet that the above information either put you to sleep, or has you jumping up and down in your office chair…we hope it is the latter, as below we have listed what we consider to be some of the best programs to help you with you business.

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