Top Rated Productivity Software Programs

Top Rated Productivity Software

Productivity Software – What Is It?

One definition defines “Productivity Software” as Mainly the definition says that this is a program helping us to work better, to produce more results (to increase the amount of outputs we produce and/or the speed that we produce them with), or/and to work with a better quality. On the other hand it is impossible to define the software precisely as many kinds of software can increase our performance.

Yet another definition defines “Productivity Software” as “Software that is usually used as a category of applications dedicated to helping accomplish specific jobs such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, charts and graphs, create digital paintings, electronic music, make digital movies, etc. Usually the most common software applications are, in order of importance: word processing programs, that are used to create digital or printed text documents, immediately followed by spreadsheet applications that can be used to create charts of complex iterative calculations, and databases that are used to manage large amounts of data”.

Still another definition defines “Productivity Software” as “Any application people use to produce information. Virtually any program used to create or modify a document, image, audio or video clip is productivity software. However, business application suites such as Microsoft Office, or the free Open Office which include word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs, are typically called production software. Contrast with “utility program,” such as a file manager, which is used to organize files and folders on the computer.

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