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Tablet Computers – Do I Need One?

Tablet Computers are becoming increasingly popular and, as this post shows, they have a lot to offer in both style and performance.  However, if you already own a laptop or desktop computer and a smart-phone, you may be asking yourself “what does a tablet has to offer that is different to the hardware I already own?


Tablet computers are slim and very lightweight, making them extremely portable and easy to carry around in your purse or portfolio.  They are similar in operation to a smart-phone, with touch screens and thousands of downloadable applications.

Tablet computers are perfect for browsing the web, staying in contact with friends and family, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, reading e-books, newspapers and magazines, and yes even playing games!

However, a tablet can also be used for work by installing the appropriate office app (application).  This versatility gives you the option of being able to do much more than you can with your smart-phone, but in a much more portable format than a desktop or laptop computer.

Portable and practical:

Tablets are by default designed to be a perfect fit between your smart-phone and your laptop in size and performance.  The screen size is larger than a smart-phone, making them easier to use for browsing the web, watching movies, playing games or using apps like GPS navigation, etc.

However, their compact size, smaller than a laptop, makes them more comfortable to carry around and more practical for reading or watching in bed, on the beach, on a plane etc., when holding a laptop for a long period of time can be uncomfortable or impractical.

This great combination of portability and practicality makes them a wise and popular choice.

Ease of use

Tablets are more intuitive and easier to use than most laptops and computers. Children or adults who’ve never used a computer can usually get a tablet up and running in no time.

Purchasing a tablet computer is not going to replace either your smart-phone, your laptop or even your desktop computer, but can make a very useful, versatile and fun addition to your computing hardware.

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