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What we analyze for your website audit:

SEO factors that influence site visibility on search engines

  • Google PageRank of the home page
  • Pages indexed by Google
  • Pages that Google considers low-quality
  • Backlinks to your site according to Google (Google Link Popularity)

Website usability issues:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Page speed score (Desktop)
  • Page speed score (Mobile)
  • Usability score (Mobile)

Technical issues on your site:

  • “Page Not Found” (404) issues
  • Server issues
  • Broken images
  • Broken anchors
  • Page access issues
  • Slow response time pages

Compliance with Google requirements

  • Pages with a non-optimized TITLE tag
  • Pages with a non-optimized Description tag
  • Pages with an excessive number of external outbound links
  • Pages with a non-optimized URL
  • Pages with non-optimized headings
  • Pages with search engine unfriendly redirects
  • Ease of access to your site for search engines

Keyword presence in important page areas (home page)

  • Ahrefs Domain Rank
  • Ahrefs Page Rank of the home page
  • Site presence in authoritative search directories
  • Web analytics tracking code on site pages

A few examples of what search engines look for:

Content: the information on the site has to be relevant. This includes text, title, images, and descriptions that are given.

Performance: the site has to meet standard performance benchmarks, including page load time, time to first byte, page size and total image content. The site also has to function properly. Any error codes or a break in the site will also affect ranking.

Authority: Your site should have relevant content to link to, or have other related sites refer to your website as a reference.

User Experience: How your site appears to end users is vital. Navigation, endorsements, and testimonials can help users gain trust in your site.

Search engines have two major functions: crawling and building an index, and providing search users with a ranked list of the websites they’ve determined are the most relevant. When a user performs a search using a keyword or keyword phrase, Google searches through their index and displays links to pages that it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is primarily measured by algorithms and the quality of links from other web pages. These results are displayed in order of ranking. It is optimal for a company to be displayed near the top of the first resulting page of a search, as users will traditionally take action on those links.

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