Windows 7 (Seven) Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

Don’t feel like reaching for the mouse all the time? Then try one of the handy Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

  • Window key + Left (Right) arrow docks the window to the left (right) side of the screen.
  • Window key + Up Arrow and Window key + Down Arrow maximize and restore/minimize
  • Window key + M minimizes all open windows
  • Win + Home minimizes/restores all but active window.
  • Alt+Up combination is used for navigating to parent folder, Alt+Left arrow and Alt+Right arrow for browsing Back and Forward through folders.
  • Alt+Win+number key accesses the Jump List of program on pinned at that number on the taskbar

Creating Your Own Shortcuts in Windows 7

If you like the Windows Seven tips already mentioned, you will love this one. Sometimes you have to travel deep into the All Programs folder to open the program you want to run. What if there was a way to create a shortcut to your desired program? Don’t be surprised, just go to that program’s icon and open its properties by right-clicking. There is a shortcut key option. Type in the shortcut you want and start using it. This is great but try not to set two different programs with the same shortcut as this can confuse the computer.

Accessing a Programs Jumplist

It you are a laptop user, you will greatly enjoy this handy Windows Seven tip. Usually you access the jumplists of pinned or running programs by right clicking on them. But you can do the same with left button also; just hold the button over the icon on the taskbar and drag it upwards, the jumplist then jumps out.

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