Disable User Account Control In Windows Vista

Disable User Account Control In Windows Vista

User Account Control Panel

User Account Control (UAC) is a Windows Vista/2008 security feature, prompting users for access to applications and tasks that require administrative privileges.

This security feature, even if somewhat hardening system security, can often become a nuisance by constantly prompting local administrative users to run applications with elevated privileges.

People do some things in Windows – such as install destructive applications or edit the Registry – that deserve a warning. Such situations may even warrant your having to prove you’re an administrator before you’re allowed to continue.

But Vista’s User Account Control (UAC) fails to offer enough feedback to users; often it gives you no way to know why a given act is considered dangerous. Even worse, Vista’s designers went overboard, forcing people to click through a UAC prompt to set the clock or manually start a backup. The result: people get annoyed and learn to ignore UAC, in effect removing any protection it might provide.


To disable the UAC in Windows Vista, do the following.

1.  Go to Start and type MSCONFIG and press enter on your keyboard
2.  Click on “Continue”
3.  Click on the “Tools” tab. Scroll down till you find Disable UAC, click on it and then Press the Launch button.
4.  A CMD window will open. When the command is done, you can close the window.
5.  Close MSCONFIG.
6.  You MUST reboot the computer for changes to take effect.

See the YouTube Video below for more help.

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